£60.00 - £70.00

Once you have bought a Portrait please email me a picture of who ever is to be drawn to venuslibido@yahoo.com

Please also give me 3 personal traits, hobbies or interests about the person being drawn so that I can make it super personal and fun. I allow for up to 3 people in each picture. If you want more people included then it will cost an extra £10 (option on drop down box)

Also please let me know everyone's eye colour as this doesn't always prove to be clear in photos.

All Portraits will be emailed back to the same email that the photo was sent by. You do not get a hard copy. If you would like me to email the drawing as a gift to the person with a personalised message then please let me know.

All drawings are digital and A4 size. Please allow up to 2 weeks for completion

Please allow up to 5 working days for the drawing to be completed and sent.

Email photos to venuslibido@yahoo.com